Adri’s Corner

Decisions regarding your “Bridal Bouquet”

Dare to be different:

If you want an alternative to a traditional bouquet, go for it!
You can add an individual touch to a classic arrangement by asking your florist to include jewels, feathers, ribbons, or even an arty brooch or pin.


Be Style Savvy:

Look to the design of your dress for inspiration. Edwardian-style lace dresses are hugely popular at the moment, and while in their day they would have been paired with large trailing bouquets featuring lots of foolish and ivy, and more modern interpretation of the look would be natural, loosely tied posy with tumbling flowers to soften the shape.
Amaranthus would work perfectly well.


Colour your bridal bouquet:

When choosing your bridal bouquet, the first to consider is the colour of the flowers. I would begin by looking at the shade of the bridesmaid’s dresses, as this will often dictate the overall scheme of the day.
To help your florist find an effective colour match it can be useful to provide him/her with a fabric swatch. Do bear in mind though that no two flowers will ever be the same shade and there will be a subtle discrepancy between the colour of the flowers you see in a sample bouquet and the colour of the flowers on your wedding day.



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